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The area of the island is 90,3 km2 .
Car and passenger ferries from Split connect the island to the mainland. The ferries land at the town of Vis. On the other end of the island, 10 km away, is the smaller town of Komiža. The highest peak is Hum (587 m). This is a favorite launching site for paragliders. There are smaller villages scattered between the towns of Komiža and Vis.


There are two ferry lines providing transport to the island of Vis. The auto and passenger ferry «Jadrolinija» , and the passenger only catamarans, SEM Marine.
If you plan to bring your car to Vis you must travel with Jadrolinija. You can not reserve tickets in advance, you must buy tickets at Jadrolinija's ticket office prior to departure. Plan on getting in line early. The ferry ride is a little over 2 hours.
Time-tables for ferry lines change several times with the seasons, we advise you to check the time-table in advance of your intended crossing.

Jadrolinija Agency Vis, Tel/Fax: ++ 385 (0)21 711-032
Jadrolinija Agency Split, 385(0)21 338-333

If you are traveling as a passenger only, without a car, you can use the services of SEM Marine. SEM has catamarans traveling every day. SEM's time-table also changes with the seasons.
Ticket price is 26,00 kunas.
Travel last 1 hour and 30 minutes. Tickets for depature from Split are purchased at the kiosk in front of the catamaran. Tickets for departure from Vis are purchased on the catamara, just board the vessel and a steward will come by and collect for the tickets.
For more details about routing, time-tables, and prices can be found by clicking on the agency's link above.

Info: 060-325-523

The number of ferry crossings increase during the touristic season.


A bus line travels several times a day between Vis and Komiza coordinating with each of the ferries. There is always a bus to Komiza, from the ferry, and always a bus from Komiza to the ferries in Vis.
The bus ride last about 10 minutes on paved road and offers beautiful scenery.
Tickets are purchased on the bus, from the driver. The price is 10 kunas each way.


The Croatian currency is kuna: 1 kuna = 100 lipa. There are coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 lipas, and 1, 2 and 5 kunas, and bank notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 kunas.
There is a bank, Splitska, in Komiza; and a post office, Poštanska. Besides the usual exchanging offices, the post office also offers the services of exchanging currency and cash advances on credit cards. On Komiža's promenade (riva) and in the Poštanska (post office) you can also draw money from cash machines.
In most shops and restaurants, paying by credit cards is welcome: American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard/Mastercard and Visa.


There is a hospital clinic in the village of Komiža, with a doctor always on duty. A pharmacy is adjacent to the hospital.


The town of Komiža has a library named after the famous croatian writer Ranko Marinković, who was born on the island Vis.
During the touristic season there are Internet terminals available in the library.


In the fishermens museum you can find memories of fishermen's lives, tools and customs. The museum has the largest collection of fishing methods in the world. On display in the museum is the restaurated GAJETA FALKUŠA – CICIBELA from Komiža – this was a unique style of fishing boat, a symbol of fishermen in Komiža.


Restaurants and taverns will cheer you up with atmosphere and broad assortments of culinary delights to choose from.
Shops and mini-markets offer the choice of small shops where you will feel like someone special and larger stores where you will find a vast assortment of articls.


In center of Komiža, close to Harbour office, you will find the fresh fish market stocked with a varity of the catch-of-the-day.
A little advise from your host: During touristic season you should be there early in the morning to assure a selection of fish. It sells out quickly!


If you travel to Komiža by car, you can not drive to the center of town. You must park your car at the city car park which is about 200 m away from town center. Your car will be very safe there.
Komiža does not have an automechanic, but in Vis there are two.


One male hairdresser for cutting + shaving, and one female hairdresser work the entire season in Komiža.
Laundry is located on the promenade (riva).


If you need taxi service, taxi's are located in Komiža at the end of the promenade (riva), and also in Vis adjacent to the ferry pier.


For your holiday to be perfect you should try a massage at the wellness center which is located next to «Biševo» hotel. And nearby, if you're a fan of the undersea, you will find diving centers offering SCUBA tours.


Tourists are always very interested about the water supply and where it comes from. Most tourist are accustomed to buying bottled water in shops, so they are very suprised when they find out that our water is drinkable from the tap.
Yes, the island of Vis is the only island that has its own drinkable spring water saturated with healthy natural minerals.
So, it's worth a visit if only to experience the beaches of Kamenice and Pizdica (historical names) where you can drink the spring water flowing from the rocks. Almost every beach has sources of springs. When swimming you may notice cooler spots of water, this only means you found another spring.


If you enjoy fitness for a healthy body and mind, you will relish the long walks on so called «Stara cesta» (old road). This road was built long ago, during the Austri-Hungary state. Another favorite road tour is to the little church, St. Bjož, from there you will have a beautiful view looking down upon the entire town of Komiža. Don't forget your camera; this will be a picture you will treasure always.
The Promenade which is above «Gospa Gusarica» church is also a wonderful tour.
If you wish to tour by bike, motorcycle, or car, there are many possibilities to choose from, including historical cultural monuments and the many beaches.
Football and basketball fields are available for team sports.

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