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Story about ship


The ship is a cradle that water sways and with swaying in man's subconsciouness wakes up the pressed memories on first, mothers sway.

The cradle is ship which mother swing. On waves of lullaby begins first man's sail. The ship is every where. He connects and guards, he keeps gather what in other case would scatter. The ship is planet thrown into the sea space, into the deep blue infinite water.


Here beside human world, man realize that he is tiny, insignificant, put on the real human measure. Connecting then his own destiny with ship's  destiny, he become one with it. Ship, sharing his destiny with man, dies with his master.


In Komiža there is still ancient custom – funeral of ship. Ship begins his life with baptism and ends with funeral.

On St. Nicholas Traveller day 06. December, the guardian of mariners, in front of Benedictian's church, every year the people in Komiža set on fire ship as a sacrifice for salvation of all navigable ships.


Burning down the ship symbolize connection of people in Komiža with ship, because he was the base for existence and for survival.

The powers of St. Nicholas left deep traces which can't be erased on spiritual life on people from Komiža


In culture of people for whom the sea is destiny, the ship is not just object, it's a person  - ship is baptised, it has a name and when his circle of life is over, buries him with fire on holy place


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