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Welcome to the Island of Vis

The island of Vis, one of the furthest Croatian islands, with its two major settlements, Vis and Komiža, which have both recently obtained the city status, also comprises several small villages, and has a population of almost 3,500.

The most prominent characteristic of the island of Vis is its rich history, as well as its maritime and strategic relevance. It is due to these facts that, in the course of history, a number of wars were waged there. The island of Vis represents the point of encounter of numerous maritime routes, as well as of different ethnic groups pertaining to various cultures. On the island of Vis, or, to be more precise, in the two Cities of Vis and Komiža, nations, empires, and states which ruled there through history have left their indelible traces: ancient Greece and Rome, the Venetian Republic, France, the British Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Italy, both the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia, only to regain its freedom and independence in the autonomous Republic of Croatia.


It is true that in the period following the Second World War the island of Vis was for years inaccessible to foreign visitors. In the former Yugoslavia, foreign citizens were denied access, apparently for reasons of security, which created a comparative advantage, given the fact that the island was consequently spared the ubiquitous phenomenon of excessive construction and development, thereby leaving the nature unpolluted, virtually intact. These days, however, bothVis and Komiža, as well as the island's hinterland, attract numerous tourists. Although the island of Vis was isolated from the rest of the world for years, even today it has remained unjustly underrated, which is why it seems to be longing to reveal its long-kept secrets. One ought not stop in one place, but rather make a tour of all the beaches, as well as the hinterland.

The island of Vis has proved to be a paradise for all the admirers of traditional architecture, offering its peace, tranquillity, preserved nature, crystal-clear sea, and natural perfumes. Lavender, myrtle, and rosemary, growing wild, are to be found both in the hinterland and along the coast. Many natives of the island would venture to say that the island of Vis is the place where time has stopped. Moreover, once you visit it, you will always wish to return.

Furthermore, the island of Vis may also be viewed as representing and offering a true adventure. If your idea of a holiday does not only consist of sunbathing, but also includes action and adrenaline, then the island of Vis is a perfect choice for you. The island of Vis, as the admirers of this “timid”, undervalued island would assure you, hides a thousand secrets, and, if you make a minimal effort, it will certainly reward you by divulging its numerous treasures.

The kilometre-long tunnels extending within the very bowels of the island will arouse the imagination of every admirer of history or military yarns, and the rest will certainly not remain indifferent to a number of cannons facing the open sea.

Apart from these artefacts, the rocks of the island hide caves, such as the Green Cave and the Queen's Cave, as well as a number of magnificent coves testifying to the unpredictable power of nature. The adjacent islands of Bisevo with its fascinating Blue Cave and the uninhabited island of Palagruza are by no means less interesting.

However, having visited all the natural beauties, having heard all the stories, and having revealed all the island's secrets, one should not fail to stop at one of the cottages and family-owned and run tourist facilities (with eco-husbandries) and taste the local cuisine, including Vugava or Plavac of Biševo (famous white and red wine sorts respectively, indigenous to the area and produced of protected high-quality local vine sorts). The majority of these husbandries, being surrounded by fertile soil and due to the abundance of fish, offer their own food, fruit, vegetables, wine, and liqueurs. With the panoply of various taverns, wine-cellars, pleasant country cottages, as well as famous restaurants, one is bound to satisfy both hunger and thirst.

For those wishing to indulge in the pleasures of sunbathing, the island offers something for every taste: public beaches and isolated coves, sand and rocks, serenity….. and, in the evening, parties for young people.

Every year the summer in Komiza culminates in the so-called Ribarska noć (Fishermen's Night) – a traditional festivity taking place on the first Saturday of August. It is an experience one will hardly ever forget.

in this report we are use some photos of Stjepan Tafra

With all the places to visit and things to do, the island of Vis is exactly what one demands for their holiday. You are invited to observe the offer of our apartments – perhaps one of them will become your oasis for a holiday or adventure on our island:

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